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Employee Sales  Program


Hensley Industries offers for a limited time...
the Employee Sales Program

Companies spend thousands of dollars each year to keep employees. A special program developed by our President, Bob Guarino, addresses this problem head-on. This special program is already in place with several large companies and is being heralded as a complete success.

This is a special sales program designed to enhance the employee/employer relationship. Offer your employees the unique opportunity to purchase a computer for their home. This lets them buy computers for their children, grandchildren, for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or any number of occasions.

And we take the work and worry out of the process for you. Hensley Industries professionals will prepare, test, pack, and ship an internet-ready computer, complete with a guarantee. A complete packet is enclosed with each system to explain the "no guesswork" guarantee to your employees. You will never be bothered by that dreaded question, "Hey, I bought this from the company and it won't..." Your time will not be wasted on those technical or non-technical problems. Our phone number is all they will ever need.

Finally, a worry-free employee benefit. And at no cost to your firm.

Please feel free to email rguarino@hensley-ind.com to have all your questions and/or concerns addressed by Mr. Guarino personally.

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